spring has sprung

I cannot begin to describe how happy I am that spring finally decided to show up! (Even though coronavirus is putting a huge damper on it) As I’ve said many times, spring is my favorite season. It’s the perfect temperatures, beautiful blue skies, amazing rain showers, pastel blooms everywhere, fresh atmosphere, and a wonderful sense of newness and joy that make me love it so very much.

In preparation for spring, I repotted a bunch of my plants and also redid my letter board. The simple tweaks were all it took to make my room feel like springtime!

I really love my letter board! It’s great for adding a meaningful quote and/or verse. I have it in a place I see every day when I wake up, and it’s been really inspirational. My favorite thing is that it’s totally customizable!

If any of y’all are wondering, I get my plants from local farmer’s markets and flower shops. The only ones that have died so far have been my basil and sage; we were gone to a conference in the summer, and they dried out. I plan on getting more herbs this year! They smell amazing. And the sage is great for adding to lemon water! Ah, I can’t wait!


15 thoughts on “spring has sprung

  1. OH MY GOODNESS!! Maddison, your room! GORGEOUS!!! Is that a string of pearls plant? I’ve been trying to find one like that. So pretty!!


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