so much more

It’s so easy to get focused on now. What we’re wearing, how we’re going to finish that project, what that person will think of us, what we’ll be eating for dinner, how we plan on surviving the Coronavirus (which is honestly being dramatized way too much), etc. So easily, our minds become consumed with all the little things, the things that are our everyday issues. And we have every excuse to let what’s current overwhelm us.

Yet, what does it accomplish? How does our dinner choice matter compared to the rest of our life? We all too often lose focus on what does matter.

And that’s God’s Kingdom.

What really matters is if that girl we always see at the grocery store gets invited to church, if we spend some extra time in prayer for a struggling friend, if we choose to humble ourselves and listen to God’s whispers, if we finally submit ourselves to whatever His will has for us. God’s will is way too important to let the little things get in the way!

Instead, dream of all the ways you could be used of Him. Dream of how you could make a difference in your generation. Dream of how you could spend the rest of your life being spent by Him. Be a dreamer!

Be confident in who you are in God. Praise Him loudly in a dead service, invite that stranger to church, talk freely about how absolutely amazing He is, don’t be scared to let God become your everything. Is crumbling under intimidation really worth delaying God’s will?

There is so. much. more. out there for you in God—if you could just shift your focus! Read a few chapters in your Bible instead of mindlessly scrolling through the internet. Whisper a few prayers to God instead of searching for someone to text while you’re in a waiting room. I promise you’ll quickly notice a difference in your perspective!

When you start intentionally focusing on Him, you begin falling in love with everything about Him. I’ve been doing extra Bible reading for the past few months, and it’s changed me in ways I can’t describe. I have such a love for that precious book and feel such a peace when I’m absorbing those words breathed out by God Himself. My Bible is covered in sticky notes and scrawled thoughts—because I’ve been intentional about making it my focus.

You will fall in love with whatever you invest yourself in. (The opposite is true as well.) Invest in the things of Him instead of worthless things! You don’t want to be loving something worthless, do you? I sure hope not! Life’s too short to dwell on things that don’t matter.

I say that all to say, how much more of Him are we missing because of a warped perspective? There is so much more of Him out there than we have! How many incredible prayer meetings are we missing because we’re too concentrated on our to-do list? How many services do we let stay dead (or even average) because we’re too lazy to actually do something. Think of all the depths you could have gone in Him if you’d have taken advantage of every single opportunity He’s given you. Not just at the conferences, but every day! He’s giving us the option to see His amazing glory, but we’re too “tired” to seek it. We just absorb ourselves in the little things as an excuse to not be seeking Him like we should be.

God, help us to seek You, instead of ourselves! Give us the more, show us Your glory. Use us, mold us, make us whatever you want us to be. Kill the distractions and turn our eyes to the things worthy of focusing on.


14 thoughts on “so much more

  1. Previously I had very little time to focus on God because of schoolwork and because of wanting to do schoolwork. Now that due dates are pushed back, and I am at home, I can focus on God more. Thanks for your post!


  2. And now I get to experience a rainy day from home. Normally, I would be running between buildings in such weather. How is the weather where you are?


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