2020 bullet journaling || february + yearly spreads

Hi, everyone!

I mentioned in another post that I am bullet journaling for the first time in 2020. I am pretty excited about it, and so I thought I’d show y’all what mine looks like and what products I use.

One of the biggest things I looked for in the journal itself was thick, quality paper. I wanted to use brush pens along with paint/watercolor. So, of course, I was looking for something that wouldn’t bleed, ghost, or majorly buckle under the wet paint.

I also wanted dots. And I wanted the dots to be subtle, so they wouldn’t take away from my spreads and/or writing. Also, I needed it to be affordable, because I’m definitely not made of gold. Haha

So, after much looking, I found this one on Amazon for $7.99—fantastic deal! When it arrived, I was very impressed. The quality is obvious, and the paper was perfectly thick and smooth. It’s not very good for a full year, unless you really squish things together. But it’s going to work great for a 6 month journal!

The writing utensils I’ve been using have been: 1) cheap, black gel pen 2) Tombow fudenosuke brush pen, hard tip 3) Target calligraphy markers 4) my favorite pens 5) random pencils and markers I have

I’ve also been using cheap acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby. (Anita’s all purpose acrylic craft paint) It’s been really great! The price is perfect at 75 cents a bottle, and you have tons of colors to choose from. All I did was walk in and choose a color scheme of 8 colors and bam I’m done! No buying expensive paint sets and not being able to get the colors you really want, or having leftovers you can never seem to use. You can also add water and make it more of a watercolor. Of course, the quality isn’t as good, and your art will turn out more aesthetic than crisp and detailed. But for me, it’s worth it! (my colors are: Deep Green Black, Rainy Day Gray, Rosy Mauve, Navy Blue, Pastel Mint, Blue Fog, Pastel Rose, and Olive Green.)

These are most of my spreads, only leaving out two others. (a one-line-a-day and also a habit tracker) I’ll probably share those in future months. But those are the yearly ones and my February ones! I’ve really enjoyed the “notes” page each month. It’s neat to have all my random thoughts, meaningful scriptures, and favorites songs from that month all in one place!

I hope y’all were inspired by this, and that you have a fantastic rest of your day!


10 thoughts on “2020 bullet journaling || february + yearly spreads

  1. I love your spreads! They are gorgeous. The picture on your at-a-glance page is especially pretty! You have some real artistic talent. 🙂 Good luck with your bullet journal this year!



  2. I really love your spreads, they’re so beautiful, goodluck on your bullet journal this year i also hope you share the new additions you make or a flip through when it’s finished 😊


  3. You’re welcome and i can’t wait to see March spreads
    If you do have time maybe you’ll consider checking out my blog
    Thank you in advance ❤


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