turning seventeen

Wow, I’m behind. haha

ANYway, my birthday was over a month ago (on the 21st of September), and I turned seventeen. It was a great day! I spent it with my family and grandparents while we were in Branson and really enjoyed myself. ❤

Turning seventeen was something that I never thought would happen when I was little. haha It seemed ages away and pretty unrealistic. But, y’all, it happened. (surprised?)

On the day of my birthday, I woke up with the thought of, This is my last year not an adult. And I can’t say I was 100% thrilled about that. haha I’ve thought a lot about it since; I never want to waste my youth, so I’ve done some reflecting.

I only have one year left.

But I’m okay with that.

This year, I’ll grow and make my way in becoming the adult God wants me to be; and I’m actually pretty excited about that.

I am on the far left 🙂

Yes, I know I’m doing a terrible job with my 5/7 schedule. No, I’m not going to apologize (again 😆). Yes, I’ll probably continue to slack for at least another couple weeks. Or months. Oh, forget it; we all know this is going to continue until Kingdom come.🙄😆


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