october highlights

October was crazy. November will be crazier.

haha I won’t get into all we have going for November, but it’s for sure to be a whirlwind! I just thought it would slow down when summer ended.

  • I finished redoing my room. (I am trying to find time to blog, it just hasn’t been happening! So, a post will come out sometime. haha)
  • I started exercising regularly.
  • It finally began feeling like fall! (and quickly plummeted to 20 degree weather and SNOWED)
  • We had a youth bonfire at our house.
  • We had the Truth Conference.
  • I tried Succulent Studios.
  • I read six books: Tim Hawkins: Diary of Jack Wagon, Until the Mountains Fall, Everywhere I Want to Be, Finding Lady Enderly, Strands of Truth, The Fire in Ember
  • I finished my Bible for the fifth time!
  • I ate s’mores.
  • We visited 133 Coffee.
  • We went to Holiness and saw the Schreckhise’s!
  • Both of my sisters named Lydia had their birthday. (One by blood, one by heart.)
  • I sent one letter and one package via snail mail.

2 thoughts on “october highlights

  1. We had way too much fun at Holiness. Especially at the Holiness lock-in! Lol

    All the late nights finally got to us and we were a little on the crazy side, eh?

    Love and miss you, my friend! Can’t wait until next time! 😀


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