fall fashions + my style

Hey, guys! I hope you all have been enjoying your fall so far!

I have been having a lot of fun with fall fashions this year, so I thought I’d do a post about it. 🙂

Some of my favorite fall staples are:

  • hair scarves
  • cardigans
  • flannels
  • ankle boots
  • oxfords
  • soft prints and neutrals
  • sweaters
  • cozy sweatshirts
  • leather purses (Fossil, specifically)
  • fall colors such as: rust, golden yellow, dusty coral, olive, navy, and gray

I have mentioned this before, but I love oxfords! They are one of my very favorite shoes, and I really love the vibe they give off- vintage librarian-ish. I am an old soul, so I adore anything with that vibe! They are so versatile, going with almost all of my fall clothes. Definitely one of my favorite things about fall! These are the oxfords I have; I highly recommend them, as they are both durable and comfortable!

I would describe both my decor style and clothing style as: soft prints and textures, mostly neutral colors, and an old soul yet modern and minimalist feel.

I don’t like too much going on, so that’s where the soft prints and neutrals come in- navys, grays, tans, black, and whites/creams. But I love having vintage touches, such as my oxfords and Fossil purses; both of those are things that I love. They complete my outfit and also make me feel like I just came out of a late 1800s/early 1900s library. Hair scarves and sweatery cardigans give my look the texture it needs to create interest and not look bland.

My hair is also something that adds texture! It’s a simple hairstyle, but the texture that the twists create make it pleasing to the eye and flow with the outfit. (side note: y’all, I didn’t even use hairspray! That’s definitely an accomplishment. Haha)

Hopefully, you all enjoyed this post and were at least a bit inspired.😉

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