ope, uff da, + y’all

Anyone get that? Hahaha Probably no one but my family. Why? Because it’s pretty much three different languages.🤷🏼‍♀️

I have mentioned before, but we have lived in five different states–all over the US. (Alaska, North Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas) And, we spend quite a lot of time with our dear Oklahoma friends. Which means our accents are a tad confused. haha

I call it Midwestern hick with some North Dakota thrown in.🤷🏼‍♀️

Ope is a Midwestern thing that I didn’t even realize I was saying until I read it somewhere. Literally every. single. time. I run into someone: “Ope! Sorry!” (Read about it in more detail here) What even is ope?? Where did we get it? 😆

Picking up something heavy: “Uff da!” frustrated: “Uff da!” exhausted or drained: “Uff da!” Pretty much anything else: “Uff da!” hahaha

Uff da is all Norwegian. And another thing I totally didn’t realize not everyone said until very recently. Uff da isn’t even a word! Yet I say it more than a Midwesterner should. haha Those North Dakota roots! (Or should I say ruts?😆) I also say pop, as a North Dakotan would. And eat peanut butter on my pancakes. And eat knoephla soup. We picked up quite a bit while we lived in North Dakota! haha (although, I still don’t pronounce bag as they do–bayg.😂)

And then there’s y’all. That one’s from hanging in Oklahoma so much. haha None of us said “y’all” until we became friends with everyone down there, and now, it’s said more than the Midwestern “you guys.” So, we blame that on our Okie friends!😆 I also blame how hick we sometimes talk on them, too. We say things all the time that sound very Oklahoman, and it cracks us up. haha

With all those together, it’s an odd combination! It’s very interesting to me how different parts of the US have different words they use and different pronunciations, as well. Like, firefly VS lightning bug, pop VS soda VS coke, buggy VS shopping cart, tennis shoes VS sneakers, etc.

Do y’all say any of those things or any other odd words/sayings? I’d love to know if any of y’all say Uff Da!

6 thoughts on “ope, uff da, + y’all

  1. Haha this kind of stuff interests me too! I think the majority of my speech is very Southern, but I’ve incorporated a few things in there over time from different places. I think part of that is because my mom was raised in California with parents from South Dakota and Texas even though I was born and raised Southern with a Southern immediate family. Also, that tweet in the article about ope was so true…”Ope, I’m just gonna squeeze riiight pastcha here” 😂😂

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