it’s the little things

  1. sharpies
  2. fresh notebook
  3. waking up to rain
  4. the sun on your face
  5. snow cones in the summer
  6. wrapping up with a cozy blanket
  7. new socks
  8. being the first one to use the spreadable butter
  9. freshly washed hair
  10. hand-dipped Dilly Bars
  11. hearing the birds
  12. pulling hot laundry out of the dryer
  13. road trips
  14. country drives
  15. perfectly blue skies
  16. a made bed
  17. finishing a book
  18. the first Christmas flavored latte every year
  19. seeing the trees bud in the spring
  20. and the leaves fall in autumn
  21. Spring Hill Marriott waffles
  22. a smile
  23. plants
  24. sharp pencil
  25. extra buttery popcorn
  26. sandwiches after swimming
  27. hugs
  28. still-hot cookies
  29. looking at the stars
  30. laughing
  31. walking through fresh snow
  32. handwritten notes
  33. good conversations
  34. cool connections with random people
  35. dandelions
  36. relaxing by a fire
  37. the smell of laundry
  38. oversized sweatshirts
  39. driving with the windows down
  40. smelling flowers
  41. crunching leaves
  42. phone calls with close friends
  43. the smell of a coffee shop
  44. the smell and sound of rain

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