a.d.m.i.t. 2019

Wow, this year of ADMIT (Apostolics Developing Ministers In Training) was incredible. Mainly, the services–this year the PKs 12+ got to be a part of the minister’s sessions at night. I am SO thankful we had the opportunity to do this! There is no way I could describe the depth and uniqueness of the services, so I simply won’t try. But UGH. They were amazing.

ADMIT is always such an awesome time of refreshment and growth for all of those in the ministry. It’s a time to take a breath and also a time to strip yourself of walls and truly get everything you need from Him. It’s so humbling to be in the midst of hundreds of men and women who have given their lives for His Kingdom. It’s so very inspiring to see His will in action!

Also, I love getting to connect and reconnect with fellow PKs! There is just something special about PKs getting together. We “get” each other in ways others can’t understand. We share the same struggles that are unique to PKs and/or the ministry. We all have that same PK sense of humor that exists in every PK, all over the world. We each have a strong desire for the things of God and His will, having much experience in molding to His plan. We’re all pretty thick-skinned, too (which is probably why we tease each other mercilessly haha). And best of all, we are all equal and on the same level.

Laser-tag was so much fun! (and also ear-piercingly loud. heavens.) And, surprisingly, so was the mall this year! We split off into groups, mine being: Brooklyn + Jacob, Gentri + I, and Lydia + Reghan. We ended up having fun, mostly going into stores we knew weren’t going to buy anything from. (*Achem* Kate Spade, the non-outlet) But the real fun happened after the shopping…🤭 #nodetails #pktopsecret

Then came the lock-in! Nothing too crazy happened here. (other than the normal Tulsa shenanigans 🤷🏼‍♀️😂) I had a great time! The first half was mostly with Kelsi (who is basically the same person as me, personality-wise; y’all, it’s quite weird.), the second half I spent with Ashlynn, Brooklyn, and Mallory. (We really should have done that recording! haha) We ended with about a million chairs and utter chaos. Well. It sure seemed like it. haha I think it eventually all got straightened out and we were free to leave. Which was pretty sad for most of us.

ADMIT happened to be the very last time we saw the Stewart’s before their big move. (Y’all, they moved to Africa!) It wasn’t a fun goodbye. And we so should have gotten a picture!

So that concludes ADMIT 2019! Until next year!


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