heritage 2019 || part 3

heritage 2019 || part 1 + heritage 2019 || part 2

I really don’t have any pictures of the “in between.” So, I’m just going to jump straight into the end! haha (Do know that the services were amazing, as always. Bro. White’s message was fabulous.👌🏻But every single one was so good!)

The lock-in was on Friday night, in the sanctuary. Which was very odd–it’s typically on Thursday night, at a gym. But we managed to have a blast despite the weirdness! haha Or maybe because of the weirdness…

For real though. It was probably the best lock-in I’ve ever been to! We had such a fun group! mainly: Kenlee + Kesler + Kariana + Jayce + Austin + Josiah + me + Kelsi + Diamond (If I missed anyone, I’m sorry! It was pretty chaotic.) I very sadly didn’t get any pictures.😔

Here are a couple pictures of right before the lock-in:

And the next day:

I love these people!

I love that Bro. Schreckhise photobombed us in this photo.😆

Saturday morning, I rushed to get ready and headed to the lobby so I could catch the Pirtle’s before they left. I made it just in time to spend a couple of minutes with them. I wish we would have gotten a picture! We had been saying all week, “We need a picture before we all leave!” But we procrastinated too long. haha Maybe next year!

As they were leaving, Josiah came and decided to tell them goodbye, too. And we sadly watched them leave. Then we hung around the lobby waiting for everyone else to finally get up. haha It felt like forever! But we had a good conversation, so I guess that’s a bonus.🤷🏼‍♀️😆

And then my family came to lobby and we had to leave.

Leaving was awful. Yes, we’ll see some people at ADMIT and some people at Holiness. But leaving Heritage itself was just hard. I miss the services and the fellowship and the crazy moments and just simply Heritage. It truly is the best youth conference out there.

Heritage 2019 did not disappoint.


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