Honduras 2019 || part 3

Day 4, May 26th

Sunday was the last day of youth camp, and we ended the day at a local restaurant with Bro Roman and the Schreckhise’s. Some hilarious stories were told (Bro Roman’s, specifically), people became furious (Josiah and Kesler, specifically), and we all-in-all had such a good time of fellowship (all of us, specifically). haha There’s just something about getting those in the ministry together.🤷🏼‍♀️ hahaha Anything can happen!🤭

Most of our little group ❤️

Day 5, May 27th

Monday was a fun day. I mean, really, fun doesn’t even begin to describe it.🤷🏼‍♀️

We started out by eating a delicious meal of fish tacos at the Schreckhise’s house then headed out for a scenic drive before Bro Roman had to leave. We stopped by the beach and a few other gorgeous spots, including a swinging bridge, which I loved! It was stunning. I figured out that I didn’t have a fear of heights. Which was really beneficial, because it was really high. haha

Then came Monday night.🤭😆 Oh. My. Word. Y’all, we were insane. Those who were blessed to see the videos we took of the chaos, know that “normal” would never be a word you would use to describe any of us. It went from Apples to Apples to making cookies to a flour fight to filming a Veggie Tales music video starring Cowboy Joe, aka Josiah. Guys, PKs are the best, for sure.👌🏻😆

to be continued…

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