Honduras 2019 || part 1

Wow. I have no idea where to start. The 13 days I spent in Honduras were incredible- definitely lifetime memories! Y’all. There is too much to even say. I genuinely don’t know how to format this. haha There is just so much I want to add. But I don’t really know how. Ugghhh. hahaha This going to be a long post(s), so buckle up!

Day 1, May 23rd

Day one held so many unknowns and “firsts”. It was me and Kennzie’s first flight alone, first foreign country (beyond driving through Canada to Alaska when we were little), first time staying away from our family for more than two days, first time meeting Kesler and the Schreckhise’s, first time at the Houston airport, etc. We were nervous that our luggage would be too heavy, unsure of how quickly we’d feel comfortable around the Schreckhise’s, and missing our family. But we were also thrilled. I had been looking forward to this since I met Sarah, and I was in awe that it was even happening. (It really felt like I was dreaming, y’all!) It was a fabulous mix. haha

But we were in luck! Nothing went wrong, being away wasn’t so bad, and the Schreckhise’s are amazing and basically my long lost family.🤷🏼‍♀️😂 We hit it off as soon as our day together started– it was like we’d known them forever! We all connected so well. Which I am incredibly grateful for! It would have been a weird two weeks. haha

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The airport we landed in is around 3 hours from the Schreckhise’s house. Bro. Roman’s (their camp speaker) flight didn’t get in until about 6 hours after ours did, so we had a lot of time to kill in San Pedro while we waited. We ended up going to the mall and eating lunch, which was a fun Honduran experience. We ate our first Honduran meal and got plenty of stares from the locals. haha

It was actually quite hilarious the attention we got! Our blonde hair and blue eyes were fascinating to the people there. We had people take pictures, blow kisses, wave, almost wreck their horse and cart (true story), dance as we drove by, etc. It made us laugh to have something that’s so common in America be a super cool thing in Honduras.

We also tried Espresso Americano (Honduran Starbucks) for the first time. It was so good- it’s one of the things I have been missing! Their prices were so cheap compared to America. For the large drink, I paid around $2.60. At Starbucks, you’d pay around $6, which is slightly insane.👀

Finally, Bro. Roman’s flight came in and we began our 3 hour drive home. Y’all.😵 We are all so undeniably PKs (preacher’s kids).😆 We went from Bible characters to Odyssey characters to one of the most common PK topics ever: crazy church stories. And boy did we have some crazy stories to share. hahaha Each of us has an endless amount, so we could have all gone on for days (and we did) just telling different church stories. It was so fun! haha

to be continued…

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6 thoughts on “Honduras 2019 || part 1

  1. Haha blonde hair and blue eyes make me the subject of a lot of attention in Nica too 😅 I’ve been called cat eyes and asked if I have colored contacts in 🤣


  2. I bet the people thought you girls were so beautiful! I think it’s so cool that you guys got to go there this summer. What an awesome adventure!

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