A Bit o’ Rambling

Guys, I’ve said this about every post, but my life is basically chaos right now. haha This is going to be one of, if not the, busiest summer we’ve had. Y’all, it’s gonna be crazy. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will update you as life happens!

I have mentioned that we (me and Kennzie) are going to Honduras this month for a couple weeks. I am so very thrilled about it! I haven’t seen my dear friend, Sarah, since we met last July, so we are beyond ready to see each other! We’ll make loads of memories. ❤️

I am currently scrolling through my pictures to remember what all I’ve done as of late. It’s that bad, guys.😆

Girl’s weekend! These couple days were so fun. Dad and Brayden were at a campout, so we shopped and enjoyed the girl time.💕

My babies! I have a *achem* slight obsession with succulents. Okay…maybe more than slight. But how adorable and aesthetic are they?! I’ll have to do an entire post featuring them–names and everything! I have more than these two, but less than ten. (Not too obsessive, right? haha) So stay tuned!

Honestly, though…I am in love with them. They changed the vibes of my room entirely!

Last, but not least: Silver Dollar City! This trip was so needed. I thoroughly enjoyed it! The picture above is me and Kennzie twinning unintentionally for the second day in a row. #itsasisterthang #myOKiscomingout

I’ll be doing a post on this, too. Which means you’ll get to see more pictures of my sunburned, braided self. Ain’t y’all excited?? Hahaha

I hope all of you lovely readers have a fantabulous summer! I know 100% that I will! We have so many amazing things planned, and I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “A Bit o’ Rambling

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of braiding!! And I have those very same shoes! (technically my mom’s but she surrendered them to me because they hurt her feet haha)


  2. Yes, they are so comfortable and go with almost anything! My mom doesn’t like them because they make a huge wad of fabric in between your toes, but I was raised in flip-flops, so, if anything, I like something like that XD


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