Random Snippets



Just recently, we got the pleasure of seeing the Stewart family at a local youth rally. It had been too long! We hold this family near and dear to our hearts, so it was a treat to spend this time with them! Ashlynn is my “twin”, and we have always gotten a kick out of people mixing us up- it makes for some great laughs. I love both her and Hayden lots! They really are my second set of siblings.😉




I have also been LOVING these blue skies! I did not edit the photo above, and you can tell that the grass is still rather brown. BUT. It’s starting to happen! See the little sprigs of green?




Also, I got this jumper that I am having so much fun with! It’s quirky, yet still super cute. And it screams summer! That’s probably the main reason I love it.😂

Not much has been happening lately, but it’s about to get real crazy soon! Anyone familiar with the Apostolic conference season can vouch for me- It gets insane.👀😂 I am so ready for it though!


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