We Go Together Like…

(To see the rest of my title, go to Sarah’s blog here.😉)


6 months. 6 entire months! I can hardly believe it, yet it seems like waaay longer! What am I talking about? Me and Sarah’s friendiversary, of course! (Yes, I totally made that word up.) On September 7th, 2018, I texted Sarah for the very first time. We met before that, but we didn’t become friends until that day. And, boy did it happen fast! Within minutes we were deep in a conversation that established a beautiful friendship between us. And that friendship has only grown!

Now, mere months later, Sarah is one of my very closet friends. Even though we live in different countries, we have laughed together, cried together, and prayed together–all in much abundance. We have inside joke upon inside joke (Can anyone say Oreos, watermelon seeds, or fainting goats?), most of which include the third part of our trio, Lauren–er, Will.😆 We have FaceTimed and made some wonderful memories, conquering the distance between us!

I honestly cannot express how much this girl means to me. We have shared so many things between the two of us and have really become more like sisters than anything. We are so much alike, yet so different in all ways that compliment each other. She is beautiful inside and out and inspires me so much! We really are the best of friends, and I simply love it. God definitely knew what He was doing when He put us together!

Speaking of God putting us together…Our friendship story is awesome! On a whim I chose to follow her blog one day, not really having a clue who she was. She followed me back, but we were not communicating at all. (Basically, we were stalking each other. haha) Then, at Heritage 2018, we met and talked a few minutes, breaking the ice between us. Then the commenting began. But, we didn’t have any contact info for each other, so communication was only between our blogs. Then, one day we got each other’s information, and I texted her. The rest is history!

His timing was incredible. I can’t explain it, as most of the details are personal, but it was simply amazing how He orchestrated it all! He knew exactly what we needed, at exactly the right time. God is so good! I know we will continue this friendship for years and years to come!

So, in conclusion: Sarah, I am so, so, so thankful God brought you into my life! You brighten my days and encourage me even by your friendship alone. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us! I love you so much, my wonderful friend!💕 Here’s to many more months and years of friendship!✨


7 thoughts on “We Go Together Like…

  1. So neat! I love y’all’s story, since it’s pretty similar to Allison’s and mine. I love it when best friends meet online!


  2. I really love our story, as well! We are constantly telling people about it, because we are just so amazed. It really is so neat that friendships can form simply because of an internet connection!


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