What I’m Loving Right Now 

Hello, all you wonderful people!🙃 This post is going to be slightly random, but I hope y’all enjoy it anyway!😉

There is always an ever-changing list of things I am currently “loving”. Today, I am going share some of those things with all of you!

  • Cardigans!!

I don’t know if I can express how much I love a good cardigan. I especially love the chunky knit, cozy, extra long ones.- They make everything instantly twice as warm and adorable! When I first started wearing them, I thought of them as a statement piece. Now, I view them as just another layer- way less stress on making my outfit match perfectly! (Of course, I still don’t wear olive green with highlighter orange!😝😬) I wear them with 3/5 or more of my outfits. They are essential to my fall/winter wardrobe!

  • Gray

I am not really sure why, but I have had a slight obsession with all things gray lately. Gray matches 99% of everything, so it is a wonderful color to have a lot of in your closet and in your decor. I think the combo of gray and navy is simply adorable.- I love wearing those two colors together! I just really love gray.😂 (Fun fact about gray: gray is spelled g-r-a-y in America, but, in the UK and elsewhere, it’s spelled g-r-e-y.)

  • Oxfords

Oxfords. They are a shoe that aren’t exactly “in style”, but I have had a major attraction to them for as long as I can remember! I adore the vibe they put off and the completely different look they give the outfits I pair them with. They are so fun and “librarian chic” feeling- the perfect pair of shoes for a bookish someone who loves to write and happens to have an old soul. (aka, yours truly 😜) I actually have two pairs- a cheap pair from Ross and a Dr. Scholl’s (Yup- definitely an old soul.😆) pair my lovely parents gave me for Christmas.😉


Here I am wearing a gray cardigan with navy and paired with oxfords.❤️
  • Odyssey!

If y’all don’t know what that is, I am sad for you. For real.😂 Adventures in Odyssey was one of the biggest parts of my childhood, and I know 99% of my friends will agree! Anyway, I am working on going through all the episodes again, top to bottom. Which is a huge feat, considering that there are 66 albums including over 800 episodes. Currently I am on Album 44, “Eugene Returns!”. I am really enjoying re-listening to all the old, nostalgic Odysseys that I didn’t really “get” when I was a kid. I will definitely have to write a post specifically on Adventures in Odyssey!

  • The Blondes with Blogs

I immensely enjoy both the actual blog posts we do and the friendship behind it all! Our friendship has grown so crazily over the past 6 months- me and Sarah were strangers before Heritage! Now, they are some of my closest friends. They brighten my days, pray with me, and let me talk about watermelon seeds whenever I want. (See what I did there, guys? Oh, I did it again!🤫😆) We have some awesome memories together, and I love these two so much!🤗

(By the way, our post has been delayed, but it shouldn’t be too much longer.😉)

  • Reading

I have made an extra effort to read lately, and I am so glad I have. I have read some wonderful books, and I am currently working on a series from Lynette Eason. I have made a list of books I want to read this year, and, slowly but surely, I’m getting through them! I would love book recommendations if y’all have any.😉

  • Writing

I have mentioned this before, but me and one of my friends have begun a little group specifically for writing. The two of us are there for each other to critique, give prompts, write together, offer opinions, etc. I am currently trying to figure out how to make a prompt she gave me work.😂 I am loving pushing myself to write more and stretching my skills further. Thanks, Kelsi, for doing this with me!😄


These are honestly just a few- there are so many things I am into right now! And, let me know if y’all like this type of post; I’ll do more similar to these in the future if y’all do. Have a wonderful weekend!😉