Kansas Sunsets

This is going to be a fairly short post today, but I really wanted to share some pictures I took recently. This sunset was probably the most gorgeous one I’d ever seen. And having lived in the Kansas City area for 12 years, that’s saying a lot. Kansas has actually been placed on some “most beautiful place for sunsets” lists. Anyway, this sunset was absolutely STUNNING. Both photos have been unedited! It was a 360 view, and the colors and clouds were constantly shifting and changing forms. Being outside made me feel so small against the massive marbled sky. God is one amazing Creator!


6 thoughts on “Kansas Sunsets

  1. Wow, the sky is really pretty. :DI love all the colors, I don’t think that I’ve ever seen such a stunning sunset!
    ~ Ara @ Sparks of Ara

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  2. You’re welcome! Sometimes that happens to me, where I see something amazing, and take a picture of it, but it doesn’t come out as amazing as it is! 😀

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