This Life I Live

Note: I am directing this post toward my fellow Apostolics. To learn more about what we believe, visit

How incredibly blessed are we to be Apostolic? Have you ever sat and thought about it? This life is awesome. Going to the Apostolic Doctrine and Holiness Conference made me really think about how blessed I am to have grown up this way. As I looked across the sanctuary Friday night, I saw hundreds of people dancing and shouting around the front of the church, spreading to the back and up to the balcony. How amazing is it that we have been called to be a part of this chosen generation?

We are different. Set apart- unlike any other set of young people. From how we present ourselves down to our style, we are completely unlike the youth around us. (At least we should be- if you aren’t, that’s not my problem.) Honestly, having a relationship with God and/or finding happiness and contentment in Him makes us more confident and more self-respecting. This shows outwardly big time! We take care of ourselves, knowing that our bodies are the temple of God. We bath regularly, brush our hair, dress in presentable clothes before leaving the house, trim and clean our nails, and much more- Things that some out there don’t do, because they don’t care enough about themselves. Knowing God cares makes us care.

These people.❤️ Yes. There are 10 of us at a 4 person table.😂- Leonel, Hayden, Ashlynn, me, Lydia, Kennzie, Kaylen, Giulianna, Jeriah, Brycen

We are active worshipers, to say the least. In an Apostolic church service or conference, raising your hands, clapping, crying out to God, using “amen” frequently, powerful song service, prayer 30 minutes or more before the service, running the aisles, shouting/dancing around the sanctuary, backing up and supporting the preacher, long and gut-wrenching alter calls, people drunk in the Holy Ghost, etc. are the norm. This may sound crazy, but we get how we worship from the Bible.

God is real. A lot of you are probably thinking, “Uumm, duh?”. But, seriously! I always get such a strong feeling of “God is real!” whenever I am in the middle of an awesome service or can see God’s handprints all over a situation. Recently, I was in a situation where it was so incredibly obvious that He had instigated it. He has a plan, and I want to follow that plan as closely as I can, because I know His plan is far greater than anything I could come up with! Never take being Apostolic for granted!

6 thoughts on “This Life I Live

  1. This could not be more truthful!! My favorite part of being an Apostolic is being in an apostolic service with my friends who are also on fire for the Lord. Have you been to Arkansas Camp Meeting at Bro. Holmes? Other than Camp this year, I have never touched God like that before.

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  2. No, I have not, but you really need to go to Heritage! I am pretty sure everyone who has been will agree it is the best conference available for youth!
    Camp really doesn’t feel like a conference, so I am not counting it.😉😜


  3. I’m thankful for this Pentecostal Heritage! I’m grateful that I was chosen and that I’ve been set apart. It’s not an unwanted responsibility. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to serve Him! Thank God for His truth!

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  4. I wanna go to Heritage! Hailey and I have been wanting to go, so we have been talking to our parents, but I don’t know.🤷‍♀️😂 I also really want to go to Admit! 🤞🏻

    There is not really any way to describe Camp, other than AMAZING!! 😂

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