Corn Fields, KC, and Everything In Between {The Blondes with Blogs #2}

This is another post that our group, The Blondes with Blogs, is doing together. The topic is where we live- each of us are blogging about our state (or country!). You can find Lauren’s here and Sarah’s here. Again, feel free to put topic suggestions in the comments!


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Most of you know I am from Kansas, but I have never written about it. I have actually lived in five different states (Alaska, North Dakota, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas), but Kansas has been my home for the overwhelming majority of my life. Most people think I am crazy, but I love it! Kansas is beautiful, and there are hills along with the corn fields. Also, the eastern half is better- Western Kansas is a lot flatter and uninteresting. It’s still beautiful, though. I love, love, love road-tripping through Kansas- the scenery is gorgeous and so peaceful. But, please don’t judge Eastern Kansas by Western Kansas.😜

The first thing people think of when someone says Kansas is endless corn fields with zero humans or towns nearby. That isn’t true! Y’all are forgetting about Kansas City! KC is not corn fields, and there are plenty of humans around. (Hey, our skyline is bigger than Tulsa’s, sooo🤷🏼‍♀️😂😉) We have a lot to do here, and anywhere you can think to eat or shop, we probably have. Aaaaand, we have the world’s best BBQ! What’s not to like?! We live about 45 minutes to an hour away from KC, so whenever we feel like it, we can go for the day or even just for dinner. If any of y’all ever visit Kansas City, I would be more than happy to suggest top local KC spots and places to eat!

There are many things I like about Kansas, but these are the top ones:

  • location- We are in the direct middle of the US, so we can get to either coast in equal amounts of time.
  • atmosphere- The Midwest has a very down-to-earth vibe, and there aren’t as many nose-in-the-air snobs as the more populated states have.
  • farming state- Because there are a lot of farms and country folks, we are boot wearin’, field lovin’, and gun ownin’. Well, all except the city-slickers.😜 (fun fact: the cowboy boot was first made in Kansas!)
  • conservative- Kansas is one of the most conservative states in America, and it really shows.
  • weather variety- As like most of the Midwest, we have drastic weather variety, sometimes having all types of weather within a single week. I love variety and change, so I enjoy the randomly different weather we have here.
  • best of both worlds- We have a major city and corn field’s galore, so whether you are prone to like either the city or the country more, we have both!

13 thoughts on “Corn Fields, KC, and Everything In Between {The Blondes with Blogs #2}

  1. This is so true!! As you said, Kansas may not be the most ideal place people want to visit, but when you are driving home form another state, and drive into Kansas (if you are from Kansas) you can tell, its home.

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  2. Kansas is down to earth. Unfortunately y’all got all the pretty views. We really don’t have a lot over here in the western region but hey, I still love it!

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