Tim, Will, & Park

I have discussed a few of my friendships in past posts, including Ashlynn Stewart and the Tulsa youth group. Today I am going to write about a couple of my more recent friendships.😉 Most of you were probably thoroughly confused at the title of this post.😂 While I am not going to explain how we got those names (I barely remember😂), I will say that it’s Sarah Schreckhise, Lauren Bundy, and yours truly.

It all began with our blogs. We all found each other cyberly (I met Lauren awhile back, and didn’t meet Sarah until after I found her blog and we met up at Heritage 2018.), somehow formed a group text, and the rest is history. We have become good friends and have made some awesome memories together, despite the distance. Lauren’s photoshop skills have helped us greatly! Who needs teleporting when you have her?😂

Part of me feels like we were one of the most unlikely friend combos (I mean, we live in three totally different places!), but we go together so well! We share the same sense of humor, which is definitely an important thing for a friendship.😜 We each have pretty deep side (Or maybe we each have a non-deep side…🤔😂). We are also very opinionated, which prompted us to start The Blondes With Blogs. And, most obviously and importantly, we are all three Apostolic and love God.

Those of you who know us know we all have a crazy side. And, let me tell you, we get crazier with each other! I can’t count how many times a text from one of them has come through, and I have laughed so hard I cried real tears. There will be pauses in our conversation because we can’t breathe and can’t see the texts from crying. Laughing is certainly something we do often!

Yet, other times, we discuss the deep things of God and life. We share our thoughts, feelings, and desires on a multitude of subjects, from Camel dung hair to what we’ll someday name our children. (both were real conversations!) I have said I can’t count how many times we have laughed, but I also can’t count how many times we’ve brought prayer into our conversations. Many prayer requests and praise reports have been shared among us. I know I could come to them with anything, and they’ll bind with me in prayer, then later rejoice with me over God’s answer. That is just how our relationship is!

We also happen to be great matchmakers! If you are ever in need of our services, we can help!😜 We currently have a match in the works that I am so excited about! I am going to respect their privacy by not saying their names, but they are adorable. We have a few kinks to work out, including their ages, then they’ll be set to go!😜 Lauren’s photoshopping skills are a great asset to this business venture of ours.😂

I am so ready for Heritage (or Camp👀😜) to come, so we can all be together, in person! Talking face-to-face is way more fun than through a screen, though I am very thankful for modern technology! I love these two, and am so grateful God brought us together!🤗❤️

10 thoughts on “Tim, Will, & Park

  1. Thanks, Park! Loved this blog post, and I’m so thankful for our ever-growing friendship as well. ❤ God is good, I knew all along He would provide! 😉 😛 ;P I'm looking forward to the grand reunion next year, and enjoy our time yesterday while laughing. You will soon have your NHL perfected! 😀

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  2. Aww, Parker! This post was so sweet! Thanks for all the kind words, even though the photoshop compliments were hard earned. *achem* I am very thankful for both you and Timothy! God knows just what we need, huh? Hopefully we will see one another again before TOO long (camp, Lord willing!) and we will be able to make some in-person memories. 😄 Love you!💖

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