November Has Arrived

It is November. I think I am still in shock. Christmas is next month. I think I have said this every month, but this year is flying by! I plan on having a wonderful November, and I wish you all one, as well! 😀🦃🍁

9 thoughts on “November Has Arrived

  1. Haha, that is my reasoning for loving November, as well!😜 I am not really sure…🤷🏼‍♀️ I think calligraphy uses a specific pen- I just used a regular ball-point pen. It is a hand-lettering font I use pretty often.😉

    And, Happy Birthday!!🎉😉


  2. I think what I am doing is kind of a free-style calligraphy, which is called hand-lettering or typography. Have you looked at hand-lettering or typography? I have considered doing a tutorial on here- Let me know if that is something you would be interested in!😉


  3. I’ve heard of hand lettering, but not typography. I would be interested in you doing the tutorial. I need all the help I can get! 😂

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