Our Trip to the Windy City

Our family just recently visited Chicago, Illinois for a week. Dad had a business trip there, and we hitched a ride with him.😜 Well, technically it was Schaumburg.😉 Anyway, we made some good memories as a family, and I got to spend my sixteenth birthday in Chicago!

We went to Navy Pier and downtown Chicago towards the end of the week. Of course, we had to pick the hottest day of the week to walk Navy Pier. Y’all, it was muggy!😝 I think I was pouring sweat in the first five minutes. It was gross. But, the view was gorgeous, so I guess it was worth it.

Kate’s silhouette at Navy Pier

Being in the city was slightly miserable for this country girl. It was beautiful and a cool experience, sure, but it was overwhelming and I was so very done by the end. It made me appreciate our house and land more than I already did! It would certainly have to be God’s will for me to enjoy living in the city.

Us at Portillo’s

We ate some delicious food at both Portillo’s and Giordano’s, which are local Chicago restaurants. I always forget how good the pizza at Giordano’s is! The atmosphere of Portillo’s was awesome- there was so much to look at and the vibe was so fun! I highly recommend both places!

On the way home, Brayden was describing to Kate the game Simon Says. He was going on and on, in great detail, boring us all. We were all being quiet and just chilling, so it was interrupting the peace. Then, all-of-a-sudden, Kate gets fed up and out of nowhere goes, “Hey, Brayden. Simon says HUSH UP.” It was perfect, and I laughed so hard! She was just voicing what we were all feeling.😂

I will say, it is so good to be home!


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