Livin’ Smack-Dab In the Middle of God’s Creation

It seems hard to believe, but we have only lived in the country three years. Before we moved out here, we all wanted to live in the country, but didn’t have an overwhelming desire or anything. Now? Now, we never want to live in town ever again. Like, ever. We had no idea we would fall this much in love with the country! I am seriously horrified at the thought of moving back to Olathe. Or any “town”, for that matter. The benefits far out-weigh the drawbacks- if there are any. The only one I can think of is, we aren’t as close to everything as we used to be. But I kind of like that we can’t just drive 5 minutes or less to get to whatever restaurant or store, like we used to be able to. I feel cozy in our little corner; we don’t need to be in the middle of everything. Anyway, I have put together a list of the majority of the country-living perks, as you can see below.

  • The dirt road that feels like home
  • The peaceful beauty that surrounds you
  • No noisy and invading neighbors
  • Everyone is friendlier.
  • God’s creation seems more prominent.
  • You can go outside and scream if you want to.
  • Sitting on the porch in pajamas
  • roadkill (This may seem weird, but we lived in Johnson County so long that I forgot roadkill didn’t naturally disappear in less than an hour. Haha, not really, but Johnson County prides themselves in being one of the most well-maintained counties in America, so roadkill was never left on the road more than an hour. We get more interesting roadkill in the country, as well- deer, coyotes, armadillos, turtles, plus the usual.)
  • seeing the entire crop cycle every single year
  • having a mail Jeep instead of the typical mail truck
  • safer
  • You can burn your trash.
  • The lightning bugs in the summer are gorgeous when they make the darkness sparkle.
  • The stars are absolutly stunning, and there are more up there than you can even fathom if you live in town.
  • 7+ sets of fireworks from our front porch on the 4th of July
  • the beautiful wildflowers that grow everywhere without any work
  • the sound and feel of the country silence
  • snow-topped evergreens in the winter
  • outdoor dogs
  • hearing the coyotes at night
  • walking trails in your own backyard
  • privacy
  • plenty of room for kids to play
  • no traffic (Our version of traffic is when there is a tractor on the road!😂)
  • no solicitors (No, we don’t want what you are selling, and we already found Jesus, thank-you-very-much.😂)
  • beautiful scenery every day of your life
  • bonfires and hayrides
  • jaw-dropping sunsets found nowhere else but Kansas countryside
  • the sky is much bigger and bluer

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