Faux Real

One of the biggest problems with social media is that people get to choose how their life apears to the public. Whether they are really living that “perfect life” or not, that is how they present themselves on social media. Everyone is so incredibly fake. They seem perfect, causing those who can’t achieve the so-called “perfection” that they see every second of every day of their life to be overcome with depression. Suicide rates are up. Cyber bullying is easier and more common than ever before. Arguments and drama happen over the Internet that would have never occurred otherwise.—All because our human nature craves the supposed “perfection” of the people behind the Instagram pictures.

The saddest thing about it is, it’s all fake. The filters, Photoshop, hashtags, price tags, “happiness”, etc. just add up to an edited reality. It’s life, distorted and put on display. No one shows their real life. Some even claim to be showing the good, bad, and everything in between, but they can’t possibly be displaying the full picture. It’s just faux real.

I am not perfect. At all. If I seem that way, I’m sorry, but I’m just not. I have bad days, days where nothing goes right and everything I do seems to be wrong, just like everyone else. I get grouchy and make mistakes, too. I am not content in my relationship with God, either. Honestly, I hope I never am. But, most of all, I’m human.

And, please, don’t ever view me as better than anyone. I’m not. I happen to have a blog that I really enjoy writing, but not because I want everyone to see my “perfect” life. I don’t even have a perfect life. I don’t claim to be showing every little thing about my life, either. (I have just figured nobody really wants to hear about my flaws all day, so I don’t make a habit of writing about them. But, they’re definitely there!😜) I have been blessed, but I will never be perfect or have a perfect life. Fo’ real.😜


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