Life Lately 

Summer is seriously flying by! I can not believe the only conference we have left this year is Holiness. It is bittersweet. Mostly bitter, but a little bit of sweet, because we get a break and full night’s sleep!😂 Conferences are definitely exhausting. Nontheless, I am already anticipating next year’s conference season! They are always so worth the lack of sleep!

Kate, my youngest sister, is facinated by choir and choir directors. The other day, Kate asked all those who were around her if any of us were altos. I told her that I was one, and she said, “Well, I am a solo.” 😆😂 Anyone who has been around Kate will find humor in that! She is the baby of five kids, so she is spoiled (and a “bit” sassy😉😂), to say the least.😉

We went to Bro. Karriker’s church anniversary service last Saturday. Their church is about 3ish hours away from us, and the service started at 10:00am. So, at the ungodly hour of 5:30am, we (me, Dad, and Kennzie) got up to go to the service. I am glad I went, though! Bro. Smith and Bro. Dudley did so good! We even got to see some friends while we were there.😄😉

We have been in Illinois visiting family, as well. I think we have all but 2-3 weekends booked until Christmas. No joke.😏😂 #apostoliclife😂


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