Our 4th of July

I know this post is late, but I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! I sure did!😄 We grilled cheeseburgers and had orange sherbert. After it got dark, we went outside and watched fireworks and lit sparklers and such. We live in the country and our house sits up on a hill, so we could see 7+ sets of fireworks from our front porch. One more perk of country living!😉

Earlier in the day, my seven-year-old brother asked us why we couldn’t do our own firework show. My parents laughed and said, “Because, if we used all our money to buy fireworks, we wouldn’t have money to buy food!” He agreed that that would not be good, and we moved on. Later that night, when we were watching a particularly good set of  fireworks, Brayden says, “Wow! They must be starving!”😂😂😂 After we got done laughing, we explained that they made enough money to be able to afford both food and a lot of fireworks. You gotta love little kids!😂


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