My Unbiological Twin


We came to church dressed like this without any planning!

You have probably heard (or read) me mention Ashlynn before. (She has actually just started a blog of her own, so go check her out at!😉) She is one of my closest friends, and we have so many good (and crazy!😜) memories together. But, she and I probably wouldn’t have become friends if we had not gotten mistaken for each other so much my first year of Camp. We personally don’t see much similarity between us beyond our coloring and build, but everyone else and their brother thinks we’re identical!😂 I had a girl I didn’t know hug me, because she thought I was Ashlynn. Someone else was in the middle of telling me I was their favorite person in the whole world when they suddenly realized I wasn’t Ashlynn. Her dad (who I didn’t know at the time) almost came and started praying with me one night during alter call before he noticed I wasn’t his daughter. (We have many more stories just like these, because they still happen ’til this day.)

After all this happened and more, I finally approached Ashlynn and introduced myself. We’ve been friends ever since!😄 We once convinced one of her friends that I was her sister. He went to school with her and knew her family, but he still fell for it!😆 As you can see, we have a lot of fun with the fact that we look so much alike.😉😜

The best part is, our friendship has made our parents become good friends, as well! That means we get to spend even more time together than before! Remember Branson With the Stewarts? We started keeping in touch with snail mail after that year at Camp, and we now mainly call and share pictures through a photo stream. Next week marks 3 years of our friendship!😱🎉 Sometimes that seems like a really long time, and other times it seems like a really short time. We have definitely made some unforgettable memories in those 3 years! (Like that one time at our house!😂😂😂) I am looking forward to many more years of friendship! Love you, Twin!😉❤️



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