The ‘What’ And ‘Why’ of Apostolic Conferences

I think I have finally gotten over the awful cold I had over the weekend, so I now have the brain-power and energy to do a real post! 😄 In this post, I am going to list and explain the conferences I attend. If you don’t already know, me and my family are Apostolic. And if you don’t know what that is, Google will not help. I promise. It will just give you a distorted version of who we really are. I think a good way to briefly explain what Apostolics are, is to say we are followers of the apostle’s doctrine. If you want to go deeper than that, shoot an email to the pastor at the Truth Church of Edgerton. He would be happy to explain who we are and what we believe. Or just go to their website and read the overview there.😉

In the Apostolic world, there are many, many different conferences available for us to attend. All over the world there are people hosting conferences intended to edify our walk with God. Conferences typically start on a Wednesday night and end on a Friday night, with day classes on Thursday and Friday morning as well as night. Of course, that is not the only way they can be setup. There is usually a youth lock-in one night, too.

  • Camp 

This one happens every June. I go to the one that Elder Gary Howard hosts in Oklahoma. None of the campers are allowed to have electronics of any kind, so it really does feel like we’re roughing it.😉😂 I actually like that rule, because you meet so many more people and have such memorable times without the distraction of a phone. Camp starts on a Tuesday afternoon and ends on a Friday night.

  • Heritage

This one comes every July. I am super excited about this year’s speakers!! We are going to have some incredible, unforgettable, life-changing services! ‘Cause Heritage gets better every year.😉 It will be different this year, in the fact that they changed the location, because the former location was making us feel like sweaty sardines.😂 We were definitely needing more space! Heritage is considered a youth conference.

  • A.D.M.I.T.

This August conference, hosted by Elder Gary Howard, is specifically for ministers and their families. There is so much I could say about ADMIT, but it would make this post way too long. This conference has a pretty intense schedule, but it is so very worth it. ADMIT is incredibly refreshing, renewing, refocusing, relieving, and more (alliteration unintentional😉). I always feel a connection with the other PKs (preacher’s kids) that you can’t get elsewhere. And Bro. Burgess and Bishop Riggen (My family attended his church for about 10 years until our church became established. My dad still considers him his pastor.) always do an amazing job for the PK sessions. If you are a PK, and you don’t go to ADMIT, you need to! Trust me! (By the way, ADMIT stands for Apostolics Developing Ministers In Training.)

  • Holiness

This conference is in October. I have never been to the entire conference, but my family tries to go to as much of it as we can every year. It is hosted by Elder Dudley.

We go to countless other events such as youth rallies and special services. The majority of what we do is hosted by Elder Gary Howard. His youth group has some of my dearest friends!❤️ Me and my sister claim them as our youth group, because we only have each other and our younger sister in our actual youth group.😄🤗


33 thoughts on “The ‘What’ And ‘Why’ of Apostolic Conferences

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  3. Absolutely! There are so many places that need Him! I have a missions trip “bucket list” that I’m going to spend the next few years completing, and I know my life will only get that much richer with every place I go.❤️


  4. Yes exactly!! It seems like whenever we are willing to ditch our comfortable lives, God blesses that with so many signs and wonders and salvations! And so it’s amazing for the person ministering and the person being ministered to (though those roles have been flipped more often than not – haha). I actually have the same thing! The Lord has showed me a couple places I’m supposed to go throughout my lifetime, so I made a map of them so I don’t forget them haha


  5. Yes! When we get out of our comfort zone for Him, He blesses us incredibly. There are different places that have Apostolic missionaries that I’d love to go! The ones I’d like to go to are: Honduras (again), Africa (Zimbabwe area- one of my best friends lives there now), Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, and maybe Taiwan. Honduras, Africa, and Brazil all have friends of ours that live there. The others are just acquaintances, so I would be less likely to go. But I would love to go to all of them!


  6. Yes amen! That sounds great! I have several places on my list where I know absolutely no one but where I just really feel led to go, so we’ll see how that pans out. All of those places sound wonderful, and what’s funny is we have friends in a lot of those places too!


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