The INFJ Unveiled: Part 7

INFJs have a love for sad things. Only, we wouldn’t use the word sad. We would say, inspiring, meaningful, deep, beautiful, captivating, raw, wistful, moving, and much more that we can’t seem to put into words. This is one aspect of the INFJ that I have a really hard time explaining in a way that will be understood by non-INFJs. I think we love the concept of sadness so much, because it is one of the deepest emotions to be felt. And as I have said before (in this post), we are drawn to depth.

Oftentimes, we will find this “sadness” in music, books, photography, or certain types of art. They make us ponder things that will never be, and they make us go deep within ourselves and search our souls. They make us feel intense emotions over things that were never intended to provoke such strong feelings. We then begin to dwell on things we desperately wish we could change, such as: the brokenness that exists in the world, the heartache that some people are forced to live with, and the hopeless depression that plagues much of the human population. Then feelings begin to rise in us that motivate and inspire us to make a difference in people’s lives.

Much of you are probably thinking INFJs are wacked-out. We kind of are.😉😜 But, honestly, if you aren’t an INFJ, you won’t fully understand what I am saying. At least my fellow INFJs will get it.😉 Hopefully I even helped someone out there put a finger on what they were feeling and why.😄 If you aren’t sure what type you are, the test I have used and reccomend is found at

I feel as if the description and explanation I have given is completely inadequate for what is really happening inside of us. But, this will have to do, ’cause I am at a loss as for how to further explain it!😂 If any of you have a thought to contribute to any of my posts, I would love to hear it!😊 Of course, that only goes for those of you who have my contact info, or see me at certain events and conferences, as I don’t allow comments. The INFJ Unveiled: Part 1 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 2 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 3 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 4 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 5 The INFJ Unveiled: Part 6



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