These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

I think the title of this post gives the topic away.😉 And if you now have this song stuck in your head, you’re welcome.😜

  • God (duh🙄)
  • a fresh notebook
  • a notebook with every page used
  • a well worn and highlighted Bible
  • coffee
  • a clear, starry sky in the middle of nowhere
  • the smell of sawdust
  • the smell of a campfire
  • Disney
  • freshly tilled fields
  • travel
  • road trips
  • good books
  • trying new things
  • llamas
  • dogs
  • ice cream
  • order and tidiness
  • shoes
  • the country
  • perfectly blue skies
  • Christmas time
  • hugs
  • over-sized, fuzzy blankets
  • babies
  • quaint stores
  • cookie dough
  • baking
  • sticky notes
  • Kansas
  • Kansas sunsets (which are the best! No arguements.)
  • conferences
  • deep conversations
  • singing
  • Music
  • and a whole bunch of other random stuff😜😉






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