Mondays and Coffee

Ready or not, it’s Monday again!😃 I don’t know about you guys, but I am a coffee drinker and a self-pronounced coffee snob. I have to be really tired to drink coffee out of a coffee pot. I’ll drink it out of a Keurig on occasion, but I’d really rather not. The only way I’ll truly like it is if it has been made from a French press. (if you don’t know what that is, Google is a good educator😉) I know, I know; I am a snob when it comes to coffee. (I actually prefer the term “coffee expert”, but either one works, lol😜) But you’ll understand after you drink your first cup of French press coffee. French press coffee has so much more flavor than other coffee. It is much smoother and way richer than any kind of coffee I have had before. The French press is actually cheaper and much more efficient than the Keurig. My family drinks our coffee fairly strong, so it is awesome to be able to adjust the strength as we desire.

I also add some whipping cream and creamer to my cup. I take a small coffee cup and add a splash of creamer and a large splash of cream, then whip it about half way. In another cup, I put 10-12 ounces of black press coffee, add the contents of the other cup, and I have the perfect cup of coffee! I am not a give-me-coffee-or-I-can’t-function kind of person (unless I’m at a conference like Heritage or ADMIT!😂), but I usually drink a cup every afternoon.


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