Grasping the Baton Before Us

I won’t bend, and I won’t break. I won’t water down my faith. I won’t compromise in a world of desperation. What has been, I can not change. But, for tomorrow and today, I must be a light for future generations.

We sang this song in choir at TLC Camp 2017. The words grabbed a hold of me while we sang. We can’t not live for God, because we don’t want to. Our decision will effect all of our descendants and more! We are basically sending our children, or future children, to hell by not living our lives for Him. This choice is not really yours to make at all. Shouldn’t the generations after you get a say in whether they want to be raised by parents who love and live in truth?

Our generation has a heavy burden. One many of us are taking very lightly. We have to grasp the baton being passed on to us by the elders, carry it, and run with it. Adequately enough that we can pass it to the generations after us- our kids, grandkids, etc. If we don’t, the generations below us will suffer, if not snuff out all together. We need to step up our game and start taking hold of the baton like never before. We can’t half-heartedly do it either. I’m not saying we (I am including myself in “we”) have to be perfect overnight, but we should live everyday with this goal in mind.

2 thoughts on “Grasping the Baton Before Us

  1. So true! That was my fist year of TLC camp. I think that we are so privileged to go to a camp and feel the presence of God so strongly!


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