4 Years of Truth Church

It has been 4 years since we started the Truth Church! It actually seems like it has been a lot longer than that. We have experienced a lot of growth in the past 4 years. For most of it, we were renting the sanctuary of another church that was not Apostolic. That was definitely an experience.😂 My friend, Jasmine, said, “It looked like the Easter Bunny threw up in there!” And that is the most accurate way I can find to describe the decor of that building.😂 It was awful.😝 Because it wasn’t our building, we had to store all of our things for the church (offering plate, tithes envelopes, church cards, etc.) in a small tote that we kept in the back of our van. We called it our “church-in-a-box”.😂 But, I am thankful for the low prices they charged (at first, they didn’t charge anything!) and the sound equipment and instruments they let us use!

After over two years of having church there, we became desperate for a building of our own. On top of everything, the pastor of the church had begun letting some homeless people live there. Also, we came in multiple times and there was a giant dog cage in the sanctuary. So, we began praying and fasting for God to remove us from that building. It worked, but not like we expected. The pastor of the church told us we had to be out in a month, because they were selling the building. And we had nowhere to go.

We started having church/Bible study in a local coffee shop until God opened the door for a storefront we could rent at a decent price. It was on Edgerton Main Street, which was a perfect location. We completely remodled it and began having our services there a little over a year ago. That is where we still are, but we are starting to outgrow it. That is an awesome problem to have! Especially since we started from scratch. God has definitely blessed us! edgertontruth.com


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