Reasons I Love Homeschooling

I have been homeschooled for the entirety of my schooling so far, and I love it. I can’t really compare homeschooling to public or private school, as I have never been to either, but I am almost positive I would still be happiest homeschooling. There are many reasons I feel this way, and I have compiled a list that states most of them.

1) Flexibility 

Homeschooling is incredibly flexible. We are able to do so many more things because of the flexibility we have with homeschooling. We can take off school for vacations, youth rallies, conferences, etc. without having to work around someone else’s schedule.

2) It’s at your own pace.

At the beginning of every school year, you are given a number of lessons (usually 170, but it just depends on the curriculum you are using) you have to complete. As long as you finish all of the lessons before the next school year, you can do school at your own pace. For the past few years, I have spread Friday’s schoolwork throughout the week, and taken Fridays off.

3) You can change it to your needs.

If a homeschool mom has a child with special needs, or if they just have a different learning style, they can switch the curriculum they are using to one more suitable to their child’s needs.

4) You have the opportunity to graduate early.

In Kansas you only need 21 credits to graduate, which makes high school easier to complete in less than the typical 4 years. Me and my sister will both be graduating this year partially because of that fact.

5) Individualism is encouraged more.

In homeschool, there are no classmates to try to impress, imitate, form a clique with, etc. This means you go through school without the pressure to be “cool” like “everyone else”. You can be completely yourself with no one to judge you if you don’t “fit in”. There are no insecure kids to beat you down, just to bring themselves up. Most importantly, there are no people with carnal worldviews to influence you.

6) Get done with school earlier in the day.

The majority of the time, homeschoolers get done with school hours before public or private schools even let out. And they have no homework either! I believe homeschoolers are a lot more efficient with their time than other schools; there is a lot of time that is being wasted by public and private schools.

7) You can modify how you do school according to your personal preferences.

If you want (and whoever is homeschooling you doesn’t care), you can do school just about anywhere. I have done school at the kitchen table, coffee table (when we had one), couch, desk, bed, coffee shop, car, church, and more. Also, I have found that listening to music with headphones while doing my schoolwork helps me focus tremendously. The music tunes out my abundance of thoughts that have nothing to do with algebra.😜😂

8) More time can be spent with your family.

Because we are together all day everyday, our family is closer than most. We get to eat dinner together 95% of the time, and we can go on a “field trip” to Walmart whenever we want. lol😂

These 8 reasons are just the main points. There are too many benefits to homeschooling to count! I am so thankful to my parents for choosing this path for us.


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